Reverend Lewis Hejna, Rector

Fr. Lewis E. Hejna-1937 (1)

From the Pastor’s Desk,

This weekend we are celebrating Trinity Sunday. The origins of the celebration of Trinity Sunday go all the way
back to the fourth century. Arius, a Catholic priest, believed that Jesus Christ was a created being rather than God,
resulting in one of the first heresies of the early church, Arianism.
In denying the divinity of Christ, Arius denied that there are three Persons in God. Athanasius one of early church
theologians was Arius’ chief opponent. He upheld the orthodox doctrine that there are three Persons in one God, and the
orthodox view prevailed at the Council of Nicaea. Every Sunday we pray the Nicene Creed which contains our belief in
the Holy Trinity.
Also to stress the doctrine of the Trinity, other Fathers of the Church, such as St. Ephrem composed prayers and
hymns that were recited in the Church’s liturgies and on Sundays as part of the Divine Office, the official prayer of the
Church. Eventually, a special version of this office began to be celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost, and the Church
in England, at the request of St. Thomas à Becket in 1160s, was granted permission to celebrate Trinity Sunday. The
celebration of Trinity Sunday was extended to the entire Church during the pontific of Pope John XXII 1316-34.
This past Friday May 25th the Diocese of Springfield Cape Girardeau rejoices with Mr. Andrew Williams as he
was Ordained as a Transitional Deacon at St. Mary of the Annunciation Cathedral in Cape Girardeau. He will be
ordained sometime next year to the priesthood. Ordained on Saturday morning May 26th to the Permanent Diaconate
was Mark Kiblinger, James Farrar and Al Stoverink the father of Fr. Joseph Stoverink our associate pastor. Please keep
all of these men in prayer as they give themselves to the church and the people of God.

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