Mailing Crew

Help get the parish mail and bulletins out by folding, stapling, affixing labels, and sorting (usually on a one-or two-day notice).

Money Counters

Help count church collections on a regular basis.

Office Volunteers

Work half-days or full-days each week on a regular basis by volunteering in the parish office. Contact Sr. Elizabeth Ann Weiler for Parish Ministries, Judy Rippee for the Parish Finance Office, Sabrina Schmidt for Religious Education or Judy Rippee for receptionists.

Facility Care

To participate with the regular maintenance and care of the landscape and grounds of the parish property. Maintenance requires year-round care which has emphasis in spring and fall. Volunteers are also needed to maintain parish buildings. Needed are wood workers, carpenters, plumbers, and certified electricians.


Our heavenly dusters volunteer to help keep God’s house clean. Teams meet once a month on Saturday morning.


Assist in decorating the church environment for the various liturgical seasons and celebrations during the year.


Following mass on the first Sunday of each month, volunteers help register new families and individuals at St. Agnes Cathedral Parish.

Parish Go-fers

This is a prestigious position requiring the ability to go get stuff. If you have a truck or car, please note when you would be able to “make a run.”