Bingo Update

It’s always fun when a group comes in to celebrate an event, a birthday, a girls night out, or maybe just a chance to sit with friends and relax. A few weeks ago, a group of nine ladies came in together. It was obvious that a few of them didn’t know exactly what to purchase, however they were getting lots of advice from some of the others. I asked them if they were celebrating something. “Yes,” one of them said, “it’s our family reunion.” She went on to explain that all nine of them are sisters who were born in Puerto Rico, but live in Ohio, California, North Carolina, and Springfield now. Wow, nine sisters! I was pretty impressed. I thanked them for coming to our bingo and asked if we could recognize them before the games began. They liked that idea and added that we could also announce that their nine brothers are going to meet here next year. ~Ginny Smithberg

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Bingo Springfield Missouri Wednesday St. Agnes

K of C Emporium, 2340 W. Grand, 2nd parking lot



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