Bingo Update

Once upon a time a tall, handsome widower decided that

he wanted to become a bingo volunteer. He and his wife

had played often before she died, but it was time for him

to volunteer, he decided. As he handed his drivers license

to the bingo chair, she noticed that he had been born in

the same year, in the same month, and on the same day as

her deceased husband. He later told her that his first

wife’s name was Shirley, which is her name. He noted that

both he and her first husband were in the Marines. “Were

you attracted to each other right away?” I couldn’t resist

asking. “No,” he sounded off. I was afraid he was going

to be in trouble, but she quickly added, “I wasn’t either.” I

had already been too nosey but couldn’t help but look at

both of them quizzically. She said that he kept asking

other women to dinner. Sounds like strategy to me. They

are just delightful and I always look forward to seeing

them each Wednesday. Since they both had been

married for 40 years the first time, they now tell people

that they’ve been married for 80 years. And we hope

that they live happily ever after.

 -Ginny Smithberg

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Bingo Springfield Missouri Wednesday St. Agnes

K of C Emporium, 2340 W. Grand, 2nd parking lot


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