Bingo Update

You’re not supposed to have favorites. But somehow
some people just kind of sneak their way into your
heart……like our retired fire chief from Chicago. He’s
fast becoming a regular Wednesday night player. He
even sits in the same seat each week. That’s a sign; he’s
here to stay. After we’re set up for the evening, I like to
visit briefly with the players who are already set up and
watching the clock. “Hi, Chief,“ I said to him last
“You look nice tonight. That’s a nice outfit,” came his
reply. No wonder his wife fell head over heels for her
big, strong, gentle giant many years ago. He still talks
about her some. You can tell that he feels close to her
when he’s at bingo, as she surely does to him.

 -Ginny Smithberg

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Bingo Springfield Missouri Wednesday St. Agnes

K of C Emporium, 2340 W. Grand, 2nd parking lot