Bingo Update

Things are getting pretty exciting on Wednesday evenings at the Emporium! On May 24th, our first progressive will be worth $6750 if won within 54 numbers; the second progressive will be worth $1075 if won within 52 numbers; our Queen of Hearts will begin the evening with $6577 in the pot; AND 54 face machines will be on sale for $40. My goodness! If those games are not won on May 24th, they will be worth even more on May 31st. Also on May 31st, all May birthday players with a picture ID will receive a free sixpack to celebrate their birthday. I think that several people may be going home very happy even if they didn’t have a birthday.

~Ginny Smithberg

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Bingo Springfield Missouri Wednesday St. Agnes

K of C Emporium, 2340 W. Grand, 2nd parking lot