Children’s Sacraments

First Communion and First Reconciliation

Normally a child celebrates these sacraments in the second grade. A year of PSR or Catholic school before second grade is needed, as well as regular attendance at PSR or Catholic school during the second grade year. We have four parent meetings, lessons with the parent and child at home, and two of the parent meetings include the child. Children should also be attending mass each weekend by first grade, and be baptized. The first meeting begins in September. Watch the Sunday bulletin for details, or call Sabrina at the parish office. If your child is older than second grade or is not baptized, contact one of the priests, or call Sabrina. It is never too late to begin! If your child is older, he/she will not attend classes with the second graders. An individualized program is set up based on the education level, time, and energy of the young person.

If either of these sacraments is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact the parish.

September 13, 2016 -1st Reconciliation Parent Orientation -7 pm DR

October 9, 2016 – 1st Reconciliation Parent and Child Gathering -10:15 am DR

December 3, 2016 -1st Reconciliation Retreat 9 am-11am -lower level of school

-1st Reconciliation Celebration in Cathedral

January 10, 2017 -1st Eucharist Parent meeting 7 pm -DR

March 12, 2017 -1st Eucharist Parent and Child Gathering -10:15 am in DR

April 29, 2017 – 1st Eucharist Retreat school lower level 9-11 am

– Rehearsal in Cathedral 11 am

May 6, 2017 – 1st Eucharist 5 pm Mass