I have been thinking that it would be good to get together more often this fall. Are there any Seniors who would like to gather regularly to play games and socialize? Anyone have a special card game you like; checkers, chess, or dominos? Of course, the real purpose is to socialize with each other. On a similar note, what about ROMEO? Most of us will recognize that as a character in a Shakespeare play, but this acronym refers to retired men who eat out together. Actually the first O stands for ‘Old’ but I don’t think that is so important as long as you are retired and have the time. Also the eating is not as important as enjoying each other’s company. For people who live alone, getting together is very important to prevent a sense of isolation which can lead to depression. Please let me know if you are interested in either one of these. Finally, let’s go back to George’s on Friday, August 18 at 11:00am. I think everyone who went last time, enjoyed it. The buffet that day is barbeque meats. Call the office so there will be enough places for all of you. S. Elizabeth Ann

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