Confirmation 2019

Plans for Confirmation 2019 are underway now. As some
of you may know the Bishop and the diocese have
recently revised the guidelines for the sacrament of
Confirmation. There are changes but also many things
that are consistent in the new guidelines. One requirement
is that all those who receive Confirmation will need to
have 2 years of preparation. The first year involves
being enrolled in a Catholic school or being enrolled in
the Parish School of Religion.
2019 will be a year of transition. St. Agnes will confirm
all high school students who have been enrolled in the
Catholic schools or in the Parish School of Religion this past
year. That means young people in grades 9-12 will be
confirmed in 2019. We will have an informational
session about the process of Confirmation on Sunday,
August 26th at 3:45 pm in the St. Agnes Cafeteria. We
ask that the candidate and a parent attend this
informational session.
Registered families who have young people eligible for
Confirmation will receive a letter detailing the
Confirmation process within the next week We hope to
see all of you at the meeting on the 26th. If a candidate
was baptized in another parish besides St. Agnes, please
bring a copy of the Baptismal certificate to the meeting. If
you have specific questions or special circumstances,
please email Iris at or
call 417-890-7423.

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