From the Pastor’s Desk,

The Easter Season has burst upon us. A joyous season celebrating Christ breaking the bonds of dead and coming back from the dead. As we celebrate and live the Easter Season I want to challenge each of us to a stronger prayer life. All of us, myself included need to spend more time in prayer, in communicating with our God. And to that means we need to shut off the televisions, radios, computers, tablets, cell phones and simply talk with God. Our god who sent His Son to die for us. Everywhere we go today there is noise of one sort or another. We are bombarded with music, with tweets, social media, with angry shouts, where outrage, many times without thinking is the response to social issues. God created us for conversation, for exchange of ideas and to solve problems, to look one another in the eye and to talk, a screen is cold and uncaring. As I work with young people I many times find they cannot look me in the eye, nor put into words what they are feeling. They cannot be without their phones, they cannot handle silence and have no ability to simply sit still for even a few minutes. This age of technology which is shaping our culture is hitting our very souls. Silence and contemplation anchors our lives and hearts in God. St. Paul wrote to the Romans almost 2,000 years ago that as disciples of Jesus we must “not be conformed to this world,” “but be transformed by the renewal of our minds”. In order to be citizens of heaven, we must be detached from the noise and chaos of the world, but we need to participate fully in cultural, political and public life. In other words I believe St. Paul was/is telling us to detach ourselves from the news cycles, social media arguments which inflame our anger, or provoke our anxiety and shift our focus from God to the temporal. May this Easter Season become one of freeing from the anxiety and worry of our technological age of anger, gossip, lack of charity and become a time of prayer and silence. The noise of our culture whether on a screen or in the airways many times disturbs and frightens us distracting from the unchanging and ever-loving God. Silent prayer and contemplation for only a few minutes each week/day before the blessed Sacrament can calm our hearts and renew our minds. I wish to extend a huge “thank you” to everyone who contributed to the Alms for the poor during Lent. The total donated was $3,655.84.

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