From the Pastor’s Desk,

I know that I am writing this to the wrong group of people, but maybe you can give this bulletin letter to others. The newspapers and the evening news, even here in Springfield, is not good. They are filled with murders, stealing, sexual assaults, a breakdown of morality. But this really should not surprise any of us. Over the past 100 years, government leaders and atheistic special interest groups have pushed their attack upon Christianity and the Bible. All one has to do is study our past history. When the Bible and the Ten Commandments were removed from our public schools and from much of our government, there began a moral decay within our society. What was once spurned as sin is now considered choice. Without the Ten Commandments there is no moral law; there is no law of decency to break. We are free to function without restraints except for our governmental laws. Within the Ten Commandments God gave us a clear definition of sin. Not only our youth, but even we as adults are assaulted constantly with immoral images. Murder, millions dying through abortion, suicides, illegal drug trafficking, stealing on huge scales, sexual abuses, school violence, large numbers of divorce are all the result of a breakdown of moral law, law without God. When Jesus was asked which was the greatest of the Commandments, He simply said, “To love the Lord your God, with your whole heart and soul, and to love your neighbor as your- self.” Upon this is built the law and the prophets. How do we love the Lord? By keeping his commandments. The first and best way is taking the time to come to His house, on His day, to worship. God gave us all the other 6 days to work and play sports. He set His day aside to worship and then He only asks for a short time and not the whole day. For parents who do not take the time, make the time, to bring their children to Church or to come themselves, they will answer to God. What did Jesus say, “Whoever teaches one of these little ones to break one of the least of the commandments, will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.” There are many responsibilities to being a parent and providing a faith life is right at the top. How many parents have lied on the day they had their children baptized when they said yes to the question: You are accepting the responsibility to raise your child in the practice of the faith, teaching them to love God and to follow the Ten Commandments. Do you understand what you are undertaking? There are 10 commandments, not 9 and keeping holy the Lord’s Day is one of them.

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