From the Pastor’s Desk,

Next Sunday we will celebrate the feast day of our parish. Have you ever wondered how Catholic Churches
are given their name?
Canon law requires that our sacred buildings (churches, oratories and private chapels) must be blessed
or dedicated and given a title of (1) the name of the Trinity, or (2) the name of Christ, invoked under a
mystery of his life or under his name already used in the Mass, or (3) the name of the Holy Spirit, or
(4) the name of Mary, under a given title already found in the Mass, or (5) the name of the Angels, or
(6) the name of a canonized Saint in the Roman Martyrology, or (7) the name of a Blessed provided
the Apostolic See has given it’s permission.
The practice in the United States is to give a parish the name of a canonized Saint or other name
coming from one of the 7 different categories listed in the above paragraph.
On April 26, 1909 the diocesan consultors of the Diocese of Kansas City decree the establishment of a
new proposed parish, to be called St. Agnes Parish, for said English- speaking Catholics. This set it apart
from the St. Joseph parish which ministered to German Catholics or Immaculate Conception which ministered
to the Irish. If you look above the center doors of our church you will read St. Agnes Chvrch, notice the Latin
spelling of the word church and not cathedral, since the diocese had not been created and south west Missouri
was a part of the Diocese of Kansas City.
As we celebrate our feast day of St. Agnes next week come to our parish dinner on Saturday evening
following the 5 pm mass. Sign up either at the masses this weekend or call the office (831-3565. Bishop Rice
will celebrate the 8:30 mass on Sunday January, which will be followed by a breakfast provided by the
Knights of Columbus.

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