From the Pastor’s Desk,

This Lenten Season my theme has been to walk with Christ on the road from Galilee to Jerusalem and the cross. I

invite, in fact I urge you, to take some extra time in prayer these last few days of Lent in order to prepare yourself for

Holy Week. The Stations of the Cross are a beautiful form of prayer. There are the daily Masses. Come celebrate the

Sacrament of Reconciliation.

This week I want you to reflect upon Mary at the foot of the cross. As Jesus was dying, the Gospels say that Mary,

his mother, stood under the cross. From all outward appearances, she wasn’t doing anything at all. She is not recorded

as saying anything. She wasn’t trying to stop the crucifixion, protest its unfairness or plead Jesus’ innocence. She was

silent. At a deeper spiritual level, Mary was doing all that she could do in that type of situation. She was standing inside

of it, in strength, refusing to give back anger, bitterness or violence.

Since common sense tells us that Mary couldn’t have stopped the crucifixion, she, by being passive, was stopping

some of the hatred, bitterness, jealousy, heartlessness, and anger that had caused it and which surrounded it. She did this

by helping stop those who put Jesus on the cross by refusing to give back in kind, by transforming these feelings rather

than transmitting them. Mary, in her silence, was radiating all the gentleness, understanding, forgiveness, peace, light

and love that had flowed from her Son.

All of this is a bitter pill to swallow. What mother, what father, would choose to only stand by and silently watch as

their son was nailed to a cross to suffer and die. But sometimes it is our only choice. As the Book of Lamentations says,

there are times when the best we can do is “put our mouths to the dust and wait!” We cannot be afraid to suffer,

because this world is imperfect. This is not passivity, resignation, or weakness, but genuine, rare strength. It is standing

under the cross with Mary, so that the Lord of all love may help to take away some of the world’s hatred, chaos,

bitterness and violence. Walk with Mary as she follows her loving son carrying His cross to Calvary.

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