From the Pastor’s Desk,

This past week of Holy Week we celebrated the Chrism Mass, and the Triduum celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good

Friday and Easter Vigil. All of those liturgies were beautiful and prayerful in their own way. Each of them spoke

differently of the Lord.

Visitors commented on each of those special liturgies. For some it was the music, others the servers, or the way the

extra ordinary ministers turn as the Blessed Sacrament is being taken into the chapel, or the way the people respond to

the prayers. I believe that St. Agnes Cathedral had and continues to have a very special liturgical sense.

What I as pastor have tried to bring to St. Agnes Cathedral is my background of 7 ½ years of Benedictine

formation. Within the monastery schools we were taught that the liturgical celebrations were to be an inspiring and

uplifting experience of faith. As pastors we were to lead the parish in celebrating the Mystery of Christ through the

liturgical year and to be an example of prayer. We were taught to celebrate the liturgy with a deep reverence and

genuine spiritual joy. The use of candles, incense, processions are all a part of our tradition and should be used to

enhance the liturgy as well as tie us to the past, even as we move forward into the 21st century.

As a parish priest I was taught to foster a spirit of community among the parishioners through different activities as

well as educational opportunities. At the top was the liturgy, then in service of those in need, in works of justice and

charity, to work among the young people and to administer to the elderly. A pastor who invites his parishioners to take

an active role in all aspects of the parish life will have a parish community of charity, service and joy. I am not a perfect

priest/pastor nor is St. Agnes Cathedral a perfect parish, there is always room for growth, guided by the Holy Spirit. I

urge everyone to seek ways in which they can become a more active member of the St. Agnes Cathedral Parish.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion please contact the parish office as I will

be teaching and training a new group at the end of this month 831-3565.

Lenten Alms for the Poor – $4,809.82

Thanks to all who have given alms this Lent. The money will be used to help

in many different ways, especially for food.


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