From the Pastor’s Desk,

This week has been a week of celebrations. On Tuesday evening we celebrated the 8th grade St. Agnes
Graduation Mass. As those young people walked into the Church for the last time as a class, they will never be the same.
A few will transfer to public high schools, while the majority will enter Springfield Catholic High. Wherever they go, they
will be beginning a new life. They will be making new friends, having new teachers, studying new subjects, or subjects
much more in depth, all the while struggling to figure out who they are and what they are really all about. It is an
exciting time and a scary time. A time of discovery and a time of growth on a more adult level with more adult
consequences for their actions. My prayers are with them as they begin this new life.
As I write my letter, Springfield Catholic High’s graduation took place on Friday evening of last week, but much of
what I have said concerning the 8th grade graduation can be echoed for the senior graduates. They will truly never be
the same after Friday evening. They will be attending colleges and universities all over the country, from California to
Ohio. Some may even study abroad to get a much larger view of life. Some may enter the armed forces of the United
States. Regardless of where they end up for the next years of their lives, their lives will never be the same. They are
moving into the adult world with adult consequences for their actions.
This coming Thursday I will celebrate my anniversary to the priesthood. It has been 37 years since I knelt before
Bishop Law and placed my hands inside of his hands and promised Obedience, Prayer Life, A Spirit of Poverty and
Celibacy to him and to his successors. I am now working under my fourth bishop. These 37 years have been filled with
joy, happiness, sadness and frustration. There have been days when I said, “Why did I ever answer the call to
priesthood?” and then there are days when I say, “Thank you Lord for the vocation of my priesthood and for my parents
who encouraged me.”
My life as a priest has been rewarding. I do miss having a family and a part of me will always wonder what kind
of parent I would have been? A part of me still misses watching my own children growing up, perhaps those are the
reasons I have always chosen to work in Catholic Schools and with young people. I have approached my ministry as all
the people of my parish are a part of my family. I believe that is why I have never been homesick and I believe for the
great majority of the time, always been happy. Whether it is daily mass, funerals, weddings, baptisms, planning for
something in the parish, teaching in the school, directing the musicals at the high school; I feel the presence of God here at
St. Agnes every day. I want to thank each of you for your accepting of this strange Christmas-over-the top, musical
director, singing, traveling priest, who has begun to feel and show his age as he begins his 38th year in the priesthood.

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