From the Pastor’s Desk,

It is clear that U. S. immigration policy is in shambles and needs major repair. It has been in trouble for many years and Congress
along with our presidents have ignored the problem, but the problem has not gone away, it has grown to a huge problem. The
question is whether Congress can put aside politics long enough to enact comprehensive reform. The answer is going to be long and
hard and it is going to need everyone working together. The answer is not fences, more armed guards along the border, but policies
that address the root causes of immigration by assisting not only Mexico, but other poor South American nations to develop their
economies so migrants can remain at home, earn a decent living and be safe from violence.
Mexico accounts for much of the illegal immigration in the United States today. The major reason for this is that of desperate
poverty in Mexico along with violence. According to the World Bank, Mexico has made progress since 2008 in reducing poverty.
However, 25 million workers are still living on $14 a day or less, 25 percent of the work force is unemployed and the salary of those
employed in rural areas is 3 to 4 times less than those in urban areas. This poverty is the reason that despite all the dangers of
illegal dashes across the desert and past the U.S. Border Patrol, crammed trips in windowless vans and trucks traveling up
America’s interstates, swimming across rivers, etc. they keep coming . These families are desperate because there is not enough
food or clean water in their home countries. They come because there are no doctors for their children, no schools, and because
they want a better life for their families. Is that not the reason our ancestors came to this country?
The latest answer is to take children from their parents and lock them up in box store facilities and put the parents in jail. How
frightening it must be for children who do not speak English being separated from their parents and housed with hundreds of other
children not knowing what will happen to them.
My grandparents came to this country so they could marry and raise their family in peace away from the wars and monarchies of
Europe. They were able to do so because they came before the 1920 quotas. Had they waited, I probably would not be alive,
because they would not have been able to marry. So many of the Czech people were killed either by the Nazi’s, or the Russians
during and after the Second World War. I love to travel in Europe, but thank God constantly for being a citizen of this country. I
know how lucky I am that grandfather chose to come to America when he did instead of waiting. Let us pray that somehow our
government can figure out how to deal with this human tragedy following the teachings of Jesus.

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