From The Pastor’s Desk

Fall is in the air, schools have begun, fall sports already have their first players on crutches, and the political
ads are filling the television screens. With all this active comes a lot of communication, and not all of it is
good. Some of it is downright gossip. We are warned in evening news, on our computer screens, of the latest
form of gossip and it comes with the ability to impact the elections this November, it is called FAKE NEWS.
So what exactly is Fake News? It is half-truths, or news articles written to sound like the real deal, when in
fact it is only partially true, or slanted. With the internet running wild, we are all exposed to Fake News.
Pope Francis in his homily during morning Mass on September the 4th said that the hearts of men and
women are like “a battlefield” where the spirit of God and the spirit of the world “fight each other.” We all
have what we can call these two spirits: The spirit of God that leads us to do good deeds, to charity, to
brotherhood, to adore God, to know Jesus, to do many works of charity, to pray; and another which is the
spirit of the world that leads us to vanity, pride, arrogance, gossip an entirely different path.
As I continue to work with young people at the high school, I see the damage that can be caused through
gossip, sometimes totally unintended. It does not seem to matter whether girls or boys, when they talk and
change or add to what has been said, other students get hurt. Sometimes it may even be totally true, but it just
does not need to be told. This is gossip. The Lord gave us a great gift with the ability to speak and
communicate, but like all gifts it can be abused and misused.
I warn all of us to be careful of what we read on the internet, it could be Fake News. Whether it is put out
by the Republicans, the Democrats or the Russians, it does not matter, it is gossip or rumors meant to sway the
election. So do your homework before you vote. I write months ahead of the elections because of all the ads
already on line, on television. In our own world, be careful of what you say about other people, sometimes it
is best not to say anything when you only know part of the story. I have set in my office at the high school
one too many times with hurting students.
I will begin the Church Council Classes for Adults picking up with Vatican II on September 23rd at 10am in the Dining
Room of the school.

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