From the Pastor’s Desk,

We find ourselves in the glow of the Easter Candle for the 50 days after Easter. Lent ended very quickly, perhaps before some even knew it had begun. Our secular society is rushing after whatever will sell next in the stores, but the Catholic Church continues to celebrate the Resurrection of our savior. Christ walked the earth following His resurrection, appearing to the apostles and disciples and strengthening them for their mission ahead. Within the liturgy of the Catholic Church we relive those events of Jesus’ life. As we celebrated the liturgies of the Triduum, each of those liturgies were a reliving of those most special events of Jesus’ life. Those liturgies use all of our senses to help us experience those events. From the washing of feet to processions, incense, music, candles, extra readings, darkness and fire; all of the senses were engaged. Some may ask “what is the importance of redoing these liturgies each year? Easter is Easter, lets’ go to Church, out to eat and get on with the next thing.” We as adults are no different than children. Repetition is an important role in imprinting both our brains and our spirits. When I work with our young people in the musical, we practice the actions, the script and the music until it becomes a part of them. That is why they are so good up on the stage and are not nervous. Some students that are shy or reserved in person can become alive up on the stage. When we experience a stimulus over and over, the memories become a subconscious part of who we are. If that is true on the stage, it is true in liturgy. Symbols and signs connect us to the universal church through generations and across the world. Our Easter Candle is an essential part of our worship as it proclaims Christ is alive; shining in a world of darkness and sin. The Easter Candle is lit during the Easter Season, during each baptism and the celebration of a funeral liturgy. During the Easter Season I try to keep fresh flowers around the altar as another symbol of life. I hope that you take the time next week to come to MY FAIR LADY at the Springfield Catholic High School. Not only would you be supporting our students, but you will have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

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