Monday mornings in the chapel are really special. Our chapel is beautiful and sacred and quiet, even on Monday mornings at Mass. It’s nearly filled but there’s always room for more. We love having the beautiful little children accompany the Vietnamese Sisters. It brings back memories of daily Mass at St. Mary Magdalen with our Dominican sisters years ago. How lucky we were to learn so much about our faith during those years. Mass is followed by Adoration, which holds special significance to those of us who are in the Consoling the Heart of Jesus program. Saint Faustina, when she was deciding how to sacrifice for her upcoming retreat, heard in her heart these words from Jesus: “There is more merit to one hour of meditation on My sorrowful Passion than there is to a whole year of bloody scouring; the contemplation of My painful wounds is of great profit to you, and it brings Me great joy.” ~Ginny Smithberg

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