Matthew Kelly often refers to us as pilgrims traveling
on our journey home. I love that; what a nice vision. But
when I think of the 1492 pilgrims, I don’t feel so certain.
I’m sure I would have tried to sneak on their boat because
I have always loved being in the water, on a boat, or on
water skis. I admit the ski part is now in my past, darn it.
But in truth, I’m kind of a woos, so those early adventurers
would either have refused my offer to join them or shortly
thereafter dumped me overboard. But how lucky we are
to belong to our group of pilgrims. Not only do we know
where we’re going but we know how to get there. We
have our Bible, which gives us a pretty good roadmap, we
have our faith, we have our clergy, we have our
Sacraments, and we have each other. I would not have
been a good member of the early pilgrims but, together
with all of you, I think we have every opportunity to find
our way home. This is an exciting pilgrimage.

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