This will be our third year to present the Best Lent Ever
program. Participation has grown each year, not because
of us, but because Matthew Kelly’s books and video
emails are worth the time and effort. Last year his
program was based upon RESISTING HAPPINESS. The
prior year REDISCOVER JESUS was the topic of study.
There seems to be some sort of special “magic” (maybe
more appropriately called grace) in reading his book,
listening to the 5-minute video emails and meeting with
our parish family to share and discuss. There’s still time to
sign up at DynamicCatholic/BestLentEver to receive the
free daily emails and to call 417-831-3565 to sign up at
the parish office. We can even give you a book if you
didn’t get one. Let’s do this together.
-Ginny Smithberg

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