Military Support Group

The Military Support Group based at Saint Agnes is a group of former veterans and spouses that want the troops serving in the military now to be treated better than they were during their service. All of our participating veterans are from the Vietnam era. We send packages to the troops where the postage is supplemented by the Fourth Degree Knights Of Columbus. This enables us to concentrate on supplies to send. If anyone has a friend or family member in the service and has a good address for them, please let us know. We get different items to send and try to send things that remind them of home or favorite things that they don’t have available to them out of country.If you would like to contribute to our cause, there is a collection box in the vestibule. It is in the left corner and is a camouflage box. Things such as drink mixes, salty snacks, (all in single type servings that they can carry with them) and white socks are things that we send all of the time.We also look for ball gloves (used), baseballs,etc to give them something to do during free time.

We are a non denominational organization so the troops do not have to be Catholic as we are all in this together.

We meet every third Saturday @ 9AM in the glass room. Subject to conflicting scheduling (Christmas, Easter week) when the glass room is needed for other things. You may email us at or call Ken or Margaret Champlin @866-3467.

Also, contact ‘Don Rippee at St. Agnes or Joe Newton at Sacred Heart. Thanks for all of your prayers.